Urban Critters
Service areas:
Metro San Diego, including:

  • Kensington
  • Talmadge
  • Mission Valley 
  • Bankers Hill
  • North Park
  • South Park
  • Hillcrest
  • University Heights
  • Normal Heights
  • Mission Hills
  • SDSU area
If you're not sure whether you are in one of my service areas, please give me a call!
On each Critter Visit, I will feed, provide fresh water and scoop the litter box and clean the area around it, if needed. I can also provide the following services: mail and newspaper pick-up, watering of plants, turning lights on/off, bringing garbage and/or recycling bins in or out, removal of pet waste from the yard and other services, as needed. Critter visits are best for cats, but if your dog does not need a walk, they can work for dogs, too. 

For Critter visits and Dog Walks I charge by time, not by services or number of pets. Administering medication, cleaning, and other tasks may require more time, and the estimate for services will reflect this. If you are interested in a longer visit for your pet or would like to alternate longer and shorter visits, we can talk about options.

On each Dog Walk, I will walk your pet in your neighborhood for the allotted amount of time. Dog walks always include checking and adding to or changing your dog's water, but can include other small tasks. Dog walks are the same price for up to three dogs.

Please ask about pricing for additional dogs.

 Dog Walks  Critter Visits
 $18 for 30 minutes  $17 for 20 minutes
 $20 for 45 minutes  $19 for 40 minutes
 $22 for 1 hour
 $21 for 1 hour

Save money with these Monthly Pre-paid Dog Walk packages!
When you know you need walks on a monthly or semi-monthly basis, you can pre-pay for a series of dog walks and get my special discounted rate.
 *Please ask about pricing on packages of longer visits.*

 Dog Walks (1/2 hour)
 Monthly package of 3 x week walks:
 (12 walks) $204
 Monthly package of 4 x week walks:
 (16 walks) $256
 Monthly package of 5 x week walks:
 (20 walks) $300

Holiday rates:
Due to high demand, I charge $2
extra per day (not per visit) for Critter Visits and Dog Walks on:
New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  

Overnights: $60 or $70 with half-hour mid-day visit.
I can stay overnight in your home to spend more quality time with your pet. This can include administering medication, light brushing, playtime, feeding, litter box cleaning and petting and love. (Overnights also include a half-hour morning walk and a half-hour evening walk, but the specifics of the visit can be customized to your pet's needs.) 

Critter Taxi:
I will gladly take your pet to the groomer or pick up food or other supplies. $15 round trip if within 2 miles of the 92116 area code, otherwise, $20. I can also take your pet in for a vet visit. Please ask about pricing, as it is dependent on time spent. 

Reptiles and small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits and etc.):
20-minute visits
$17 for feeding/cleaning
If your pet can be safely handled, I will be happy to spend some time with him/her in a pre-approved area of your home.

Birds: (Priced as Critter Visits)
I can feed, play with and socialize with your bird, along with cleaning out the cage.

Key Pickups:
I prefer to pick up your key at the Initial Consultation. If it is necessary to pick it up prior to a series of visits, I will make my best effort to pick it up on my regular route, but if I have to make a separate trip, I charge $5.

I accept cash, checks, Venmo and Google Wallet payments.
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